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Q. How does BitFutures differ from other online trading experiences ?

(1) All BitFutures contracts are denominated in Bitcoin, not fiat currency. This allows our users to fund their account in a quick, inexpensive, private, and hassle-free way.

(2) Since the value of our micro-contracts is so small, users can begin trading with a similarly small amount of Bitcoin.

Q. Where is BitFutures domiciled?

Our servers are located in secure hosting facilities, outside of the United States, in various business-friendly jurisdictions around the world.

Q. I live in the United States. Can I participate?

Unfortunately, we're unable to accept accounts from United States residents at this time. You'll need to affirm US non-residency by clicking the appropriate checkbox on the sign-up page.

Q. Who designs and maintains BitFutures ?

BitFutures is designed and maintained as a hobby project by enthusiastic professionals in the Managed Futures industry. Please see the Contact page if you'd like to chat.

Q. What kinds of futures contracts does BitFutures offer?

We offer tiny versions of some of the most popular futures contracts including Gold, Oil, and the S&P 500.

We also offer binary futures contracts which settle at either zero or 100 depending upon the outcome of specific sporting events (NFL, MMA, etc.).

Q. How are open positions marked to market at the end of each day?

The price of every tradable contract you see on BitFutures is tied to that of an underlying futures contract as reported by a publicly available trusted source (e.g. Wall Street Journal, CNBC).

In the case of binary futures contracts which allow speculation on the outcome of a sporting event, the end-of-day closing prices are based on an average of publicly available odds at major sports books.

Use the 'Specs' tab in your market of choice to view the underlying market for a given BitFutures contract.

Q. How are my open positions settled if held beyond the LTD (last trading date) of the contract?

BitFutures contracts will settle on the day following the LTD of the contract in question. The official settlement price will match that of the settlement price published by the underlying trusted source (see above).

Binary futures contracts will settle at either 100.00 or 0.00 based on the respective true/false outcome of the prediction market in question.

Q. How are trades margined?

View the 'Specs' tab for a given market to reveal margin requirements and implied leverage levels.

Binary contracts do not have per-contract, fixed margin requirements. Instead, the margin requirement for a binary contract is equal to the maximum sustainable loss on an open position in said contract, marked to market in real-time. Note that that all binary contracts ultimately settle at either 0.00 or 100.00.

Example: Being long one binary contract @ 60.00 will yield a margin requirement of 60.00 since that represents the maximum potential loss. Being short one contract @ 60.00 yields a margin requirement of 40.00 (100.00 - 60.00) since 40.00 is the maximum loss.

Q. I've received a margin call. What does this mean? How shall I respond?

A margin call is triggered when the liquidating value of your trading account dips below the maintenance margin requirement of your open positions. You must respond to the margin call in one of two ways:

(1) Add sufficient Bitcoin to your account to cover the margin deficit. See your 'balances' page to obtain the deficit amount.


(2) Liquidate some or all of your open positions to lower your margin requirement.

Q. What happens if I fail to take action on a margin call?

Once a margin call is triggered, your positions may be force-liquidated at any time. For this reason, it's highly recommend that you keep excess Bitcoin on-hand that exceeds your anticipated initial margin requirements. This will give you a bit of cushion if markets turn against you, lowering the likelihood of a margin call and subsequent forced liquidation.

NOTE: Margin calls can only occur when trading traditional (non-binary) futures contracts. If you only trade binary contracts, you'll never receive a margin call.

Q. Am I subject to any fees?

We never charge a commission or fee when you place a trade.

See our Pricing page for more information.

Q. I'd like to see a particular market added to BitFutures.

We'd love to add more markets if there is a demand for them. Please make your request known in the Forum. If liquidity in your suggested market is suspect, you may be asked to act as a "market maker" and provide a reasonable bid/ask spread to your fellow market participants.

Q. How do BitFutures Pools Work? How do I earn Bitcoin as a Pool Operator?

In addition to trading in one's own account, users can create pools in which fellow BitFutures users can invest. The pool's creator is known as a Pool Operator and is given authority to make trades for the pool. Pool Operators do NOT have the ability to move or withdraw participants' investments.

Pool Operators can optionally charge participants a fee for their services. A default fee structure can be applied to the pool as a whole or, alternatively, varying fee structures can be configured on an participant-by-participant basis.

A participant must agree to the pool's fee structure before depositing Bitcoin into the pool.

There are two types of fees that you can earn as a Pool Operator:

(1) Management Fee: This fee can range between 0%-5% (annualized) of the participant's net asset value in the pool.

(2) Incentive Fee: An incentive fee is a percentage of new profits earned, examined monthly. All losses, if any, must be recouped before an incentive fee can be assessed. An incentive fee can range between 0% - 50% of new trading profits earned.

A BitFutures pool is a peer-to-peer experience designed to simulate, on a very small scale, the stress and decision making one would encounter when running a commodities fund. BitFutures pools are not regulated commodity pools, nor is any pool's operator a licensed Commodity Pool Operator registered with the CFTC, SEC, or any other regulatory body.

Q. How soon can I start trading?

You can start trading immediately. Just click the Sign Up button below, register, deposit some Bitcoin, and begin trading.

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