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Browser Alert When Trades Are Executed ?


Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our Pool feature. The table below lists investable pools and their operators. You can read more about pools in the FAQ. Please note that some pool operators may choose to assess their own fee(s) on pool participants. Read more about this on the Pricing page.

Only pools active within the last ten days are listed on this page.

A BitFutures pool is a peer-to-peer experience designed to simulate, on a very small scale, the stress and decision making one would encounter when running a commodities fund. BitFutures pools are not regulated commodity pools, nor is any pool's operator a licensed Commodity Pool Operator registered with the CFTC, SEC, or any other regulatory body.

NOTE: The Pool feature is in development and has not yet been activated. Contact us if you'd like to participate in the beta test.

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