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BitFutures is a streamlined, fully automated trading platform designed to keep overhead to a minimum. Our ultimate goal is to keep your trading fees as low as possible.

Please read on for specific pricing details.

Zero Cost Trading

We never charge a commission or fee when you place a trade.

Bitcoin Network Fee

The Bitcoin network imposes a network fee each time we transmit Bitcoin to a user as the result of a withdrawal request. The charge is imposed by the Bitcoin network itself, not BitFutures, and is passed on to the user making the withdrawal.

Transactions that take place inside the BitFutures app (e.g. trades, peer-to-peer transfers, pool transfers, etc.) do not pass through the Bitcoin network and therefore do not incur a network fee.

Pool Services

BitFutures users can create trading pools and allow fellow users to deposit Bitcoin into them. A pool's operator can optionally assess fees on participants. BitFutures will receive 25% of the fees collected by pool operators.

A BitFutures pool is a peer-to-peer experience designed to simulate, on a very small scale, the stress and decision making one would encounter when running a commodities fund. BitFutures pools are not regulated commodity pools, nor is any pool's operator a licensed Commodity Pool Operator registered with the CFTC, SEC, or any other regulatory body.

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